The Everex Wallet

Creating a Global, Inclusive Economy

With Blockchain-Powered Microfinance and Remittance Services

Powered by Ethereum

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borrow money in any currency

Borrow Money

in any currency, anywhere

transfer money overseas

Transfer Fiat Money

across borders, instantaneously

buy foreign currency

Buy Foreign Currency

and use it globally

How it works

Take part in the world economy from the comfort of your phone
top up funds

Quick Deposit

Top Up funds, borrow or purchase any currency with the click of a button

mobile payments

International Mobile Payments

Pay vendors and service providers globally

cash out in any currency

Cash Out in any Currency

Withdraw cash at ATMs, local currency exchanges, and retailers worldwide

cross-border money transfer


Send money anywhere instantaneously, or withdraw to your bank account at the cost of a local transaction

secure payments system

Digital Escrow

Send payments, secured with a one-time PIN code. Receiver will be able to release the secured payment once sender reveals the PIN

Thanks to blockchain technology, transaction fees are kept at a bare minimum, while conversion and credit services are offered at extremely competitive rates

Use Cases

Everex Empowers
un(der)banked consumers

The Un- and Underbanked

For more than 2 billion individuals without a bank account, Everex provides immediate access to microfinancing services and cheap, global remittance services

migrant workers

Migrant Workers and their Families

Everex provides the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way for migrant workers to send money home and sustain their families

tourists & expats

Tourists and Expats

Instead of obtaining traveler checks, or paying excessive conversion fees, visitors in foreign countries can buy and use any currency, anywhere in the world


Aid Organizations, NGOs and Governments

By streamlining relief and foreign aid programs, Everex allows for the easy and publicly auditable distribution of funds to developing countries

Secret Sauce

How we make it happen


Everex does not operate on the basis of p2p loans. Instead, we invest our aggregated Capital to provide microcredit services, accessible globally and instantaneously on Mobile devices.
Offering microcredit via smartphones allows Everex to lend at professional levels of risk management. Utilizing state of the art AI and Machine Learning technologies, Everex calculates personal credit scores and determines risk and interest rates on the basis of individual user information and behaviour.


Everex transactions are settled on the basis of 100%-backed, Ethereum-based Cryptocash currencies. For every Cryptocash dollar, one US dollar is held in a publically viewable third-party escrow. Cryptocash can be redeemed at will and hence it is value-pegged to its fiat counterpart.

As a result, fiat money can now traverse the globe at the speed of the blockchain.

Cash-Out and Trade

Everex builds a global network of partners and vendors that accept Everex transactions as payment, while functioning as cash-out stations at which Cryptocash can be redeemed against fiat currency. Everex remittance services are offered at highly competitive rates and easily outcompete those of credit cards and bank transfers, and hence they present vendors and service providers with enormous incentives to join the network.

Wallet and Blockchain-Browser Technology

In order to make our vision a reality, Everex has developed one of the first mobile Ethereum wallets, capable of hosting and transacting ERC20 tokens and browsing blockchain transactions, as well as acting as a smart contract viewer.

In 2016, Everex conducted a first of its kind case study, proving the viability of our Cryptocash remittance system and allowing hundreds of migrant workers to transfer an aggregate amount of 850000 THB from Myanmar back home to Thailand. 

The First Profit-Backed Token

Everex seed capital will be raised against the Everex token (EVX) in a publically accessible initial coin offering (ICO). Funds raised this way will be used to finance Everex operations and to serve as the bootstrap capital for Everex credit and remittance services.

Everex’s main profit center comprises payday loans and microfinance services, which, due to professional risk management and underwriting expertise, are estimated to generate a 50-250% ROI annually at extremely low default rates.

Everex profits not directly reinvested in growth and expansion will be used to buy EVX tokens back from the market, guaranteeing that Everex success is shared with EVX token holders.

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Everex Wallet

(Remittance only version)

Web version is available at (iOS, Mac, PC)

Existing Technology

Everex was amongst the first teams to build applications on Ethereum and has enjoyed years of experience in the blockchain space.

We are proud to provide infrastructural services to major Ethereum applications that use Ethplorer and Chainy APIs.

In-house products include:

The Everex Ethereum explorer and Token Viewer

Providing irreplaceable blockchain URLs, aka "aeon links", permanent proof of existence for documents, and a public text messaging service on the Ethereum blockchain

A multi-currency, multi-asset trading wallet for Ethereum tokens. The Everex Transfer Wallet is also available for mobile

An Ethereum token family, pegged to fiat currency and tradable on the Everex Wallet, as well as on third-party applications and exchanges

Everex fiat remittance pilot

Everex fiat remittance pilot. Available in Thailand and Myanmar. For more information on the pilot, please review the above mentioned case study

meet the team

Years of Experience on Blockchain Technology
Alexi Lane

Alexi Lane

CEO, Founder

“Our goal is to create a positive significance and give financial access to the Bottom of the Pyramid population”

Fintech entrepreneur, investor and executive with over 15 years of experience in capital markets, financial services, and payments - including high risk load online billing systems. 2 years in blockchain development. University of Tennessee, Morgan Stanley, Wealth Strategies Group.

Alexander Kakunov

Alexander Kakunov

CTO, Co-founder

“System architect with 3 years of blockchain apps building, I aim at developing smooth solutions for complex problems”

15+ years of experience in building enterprise level software projects. Product manager, systems architect for high-load online services. 3 years in blockchain product development.

Jean-Baptiste Decorzent

Jean-Baptiste Decorzent

Inclusive Finance

“Blockchain technology is the big drive for change in today’s economics and finance system.  Everex activities in financial inclusion are too sexy to resist. Moreover, its commitment to positively impact people's lives.”

ICT/mobile Telecom Industry, Energy, Humanitarian and Development. Creative thinker and adept at solving complex problems. Project management experience across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Anton Dzyatkovskii

Anton Dzyatkovskii

Microlending Director

“My main purpose for joining Everex resides in being a solution provider through technology for people facing financial problems.”

Risk management and lending professional with 13 years of experience in microfinance, retail and e-commerce in European and Asian markets. Expert in financial modeling, risk analysis, internet and mobile marketing. A recent blockchain technologies enthusiast.

Artem Kolesnikov

Artem Kolesnikov

Lead Engineer

“What could be more exciting than joining a Blockchain FinTech company and apply my expertise for the benefits of the least fortunate?”

Full-stack system architect experienced in e-commerce and mobile solutions. Over 15 year in webdev, 2 years in blockchain cryptocurrencies and smart contracts development.

Anastasia Khizhnyakova

Anastasia Khizhnyakova


“Blockchain technology is the big drive for change in today’s economics and finance system. My purpose leads to improve it across the world”

Marketing and cryptocurrency expert with a passion for distributed ledger technologies. Anastasia applies blockchain innovations to maximize the social good for humanity.

Dimitriy Karpenko

Dimitriy Karpenko

Country Representative, Russia

“Blockchain is going to transform our future. Ahead of time, we’re on the mission to change people's lives for the better”

Business development professional with over 7 years of experience in Tourism and eCommerce. Dmitriy helps to ensure the company meets the goals successfully and drive revenue with communities.

Harry Ye Kyaw

Harry Ye Kyaw

Country Representative, MM

“Having identified current challenges neighboring countries were facing, I had to apply my knowledge to its best.”

A graduate of the Bangkok School of Management, Harry has the knowledge and skill set in being the effective business development person to the Myanmar community, both in Thailand and in Myanmar.

Jacquiline Romorosa

Jacquiline Romorosa

Business Analyst

“The blockchain technology is changing the way credit scoring and financial services work around the world. I am excited to be part of a dedicated team that aims to provide practical solutions to expand financial inclusion, by leveraging Ethereum around remittance, financial data collection and microlending. “

9 years of experience in banking and finance, business development and process improvement. Jacqui is responsible in assessing the business and finding solutions to improve its operations.

Media Mentions

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