In partnership with banks you know and trust.

How it Works

Secured by the Ethereum blockchain, and in partnerships with local banks, Everex lets you send, receive and safely keep stablecoins and digital assets in a secured digital wallet.

Add Money

Create a wallet and add USD, EUR, or Thai Baht with direct bank or debit card transfer. Your money will be securely stored on blockchain.

Send Money or Assets

Your recipient will receive transfer or payment within 1 minute. We don’t take any fees and exchange at the lowest market rates.

Withdraw cash

Go to ATM, provide REF code and withdraw up to $600 in local currency at a time. Local cash pick up and bank account transfers also available.

The Everex Wallet is your gateway to the Future of Money

The Everex Wallet is the natural home for your Stablecoins, ERC20, and Security Tokens.

Everex offers a host of Stablecoins, pegged to the current exchange value of an ever-growing set of National Currencies, such as USD, EUR, THB, and more.

Everex is building a global network, allowing you to hold, use, exchange, and withdraw your digital assets easily.

Liquidate your assets conveniently at ATMs, and Money Exchange stations. No bank account or card required.

Use the Everex Wallet for cost effective Foreign Exchange swaps, a Travel-Money solution, and Crypto-to-Fiat gateway - Learn More

Media Mentions

Subscribe for early access to the International Direct Payment System

The International Direct Payment System allows vendors to accept payments in any currency, Fiat or Crypto, with minimal fees and immediate settlements - Learn More

Breaching Borders and Bridging Gaps

Use the Everex Wallet to send money in and out of Asia from the US and EU. We settle EUR, USD, or THB payments in seconds at true exchange rates


No bank account or card  required


Withdraw at ATMs


Transfers settle in seconds

Cost Effective

Lowest fees in the industry

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