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EVEREX is a financial technology company specializing in applying blockchain solutions to cross-border payments, trading and lending. Everex services create decentralized, global credit histories and scorings for individuals and SMEs.


Alexi Lane

CEO, Founder

Fintech entrepreneur, investor and executive with over 15 years of experience in capital markets, financial services, and payments - including high risk load online billing systems. 2 years in blockchain development. University of Tennessee, Morgan Stanley, Wealth Strategies Group.

Tim Scheffmann

Regional Managing Director, Indochina & Australia

Tim is passionate about FinTech, banking and financial inclusion.  24+ years of experience in finance and banking across the world having worked for reputed banks. Master of Banking & Finance (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Visakha Thongphetsavong


Graduated with a master degree in Financial Engineering and Risk Management. Visakha worked for few years in Investment Banking for Credit Suisse in London before quitting the banking industry to become herself an entrepreneur. Solid background in Finance and entrepreneurship.

Mai Duangporn

Banking relationship manager

Analytics and problem solver with solid background in Operational Process Improvement, Customer Relationship, Projects Management and Strategic Sourcing. Advocate of Inclusive Finance for unbanked and underbanked.

Kobe Kang

Business Development Director (China)

Kobe has very good sense in Business Development, very pro-active in socializing and net-working with business people, definitely a risk and challenge taker, always willing to learn new things and skills

Lattana Keosihavong

Country Manager, Laos

Lattana is a certified Lao professional investment banker and has a diploma in business administration of the well-known Pakpasak Technical University. She worked as a consultant in diverse projects across South East Asia in mobile money and mobile banking.

San Thawda Wun

Country Manager, Myanmar

An MBA with more than 10 years of experience in Commercial, Fintech and Cross Border Remittances in Myanmar having previously worked as the Country Director – Myanmar for True Money.

Santipap Charasphaew

Legal Counsel

Passion for Fintech and Blockchain Technology with strong experiences in legal, compliance and application process in relation to corporate deals, company registration, legal research as well as legal memoranda for start ups across the region.

Pattamon Piwatpanyakorn


A masters degree holder in Finance, Pattamon has an experience of over a decide in accounting with IFRS, the new accounting standard implementation being her expertise

Harry Ye Kyaw

Country Representative, MYANMAR

A graduate of the Bangkok School of Management, Harry has the knowledge and skill set in being the effective business development person to the Myanmar community, both in Thailand and in Myanmar.

Dmitriy Karpenko

Country Representative, Russia

Business development professional with over 7 years of experience in Tourism and eCommerce. Dmitriy helps to ensure the company meets the goals successfully and drive revenue with communities.

Anastasia Khizhnyakova

Customer marketing manager

Marketing and cryptocurrency expert with a passion for distributed ledger technologies. Anastasia applies blockchain innovations to maximize the social good for humanity.


Kirill Gourov

Full Node Capital - New York

Kirill has been advising startups and financial institutions on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries since 2013. He is currently the Portfolio Manager and Head of Research for Full Node Capital, a New York-based hedge fund focused on the blockchain industry.

Anna Vladi

Digital Transformation, C4A Partner - New York

A consensus builder and motivational leader responsible for operations & compliance.
15+ years of compliance experience at AIG, Janus Funds and Lazar Consultants.

Faisal Khan

Banking and Payment Consultant. Faisal Khan & Co. - World

Banking and payments consultant and cross-border money transfer specialist, advisor to banks and financial services companies. Talkshow host and top 5 Quora contributor

Exchange Partners
In-house products include:

The Everex Ethereum explorer and Token Viewer

A multi-currency, multi-asset trading wallet for Ethereum tokens. The Everex Transfer Wallet is also available for mobile

An Ethereum token family, pegged to fiat currency and tradable on the Everex Wallet, as well as on third-party applications and exchanges

Everex fiat remittance pilot

Everex fiat remittance pilot. Available in Thailand and Myanmar. For more information on the pilot, please review the above mentioned case study

Providing irreplaceable blockchain URLs, aka "aeon links", permanent proof of existence for documents, and a public text messaging service on the Ethereum blockchain

Join the future of money today

Download the Everex Mobile Wallet, and start receiving, sending, and borrowing money instantaneously.


Everex Wallet

(Remittance only version)

Or use the Everex Web service at everex.cash
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