Global Payments

Everex pioneers first in kind cross-border money transfer system using fiat-pegged stable coins as settlement currencies.

Use cases for global payments traditionally include :

* Migrant workers remittances, as largest part of financial inclusion efforts;
* Import/export transactions for border and international SMEs;
* FX account funding and withdrawals with instant settlements;
* Trade finance for cross-border enterprises

Domestic payments

Unknown to the mainstream shoppers, the main pain points for all online and brick and mortar establishments accepting credit card payments, are high payment processing fees, long settlement times, and fraud cases, that mostly attributable to online shopping. With Everex blockchain solution, we are able to reduce domestic payments processing fees to a fraction of a percent and offer a few seconds settlements for any global merchant. And the best part, no need to withdraw proceeds from the wallet. Merchants and businesses can initiate instant payment to their vendors and employees right from Everex wallet. No need to wait for the daily sales batch arriving to bank account, when you can send payment immediately after receiving one.

Inability to retract transactions on blockchain provides provides additional protection to merchants. As for the consumer confidence, Everex will introduce blockchain dispute resolution feature, where using smart contracts, both parties can resolve disputes in amicable and secure manner.

Currency Exchange

For corporate clients, small and medium size businesses, Everex offers a set of currency exchange solutions fit to specific use cases. It's not always economically prudent or logistically available to use bank offered traditional international payments for relatively small amounts. We deal with many merchants involved in border and global trading who need fast and convenient access to funds and transfers. Contact us to learn more about this service.

Travel Money

While visiting other countries, along with cultures shock in some cases, travelers sometimes experience a foreign currency shocks right at the airport currency exchange kiosks. Why wait till you land in foreign country to exchange local currency, if you can pre-load it ahead, using Everex wallet solution? Just transfer the amount in your local currency to the local bank and receive foreign currency to your wallet before setting foot on a plane.


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